Nylon Denim Print

Please take a look first. Wow, this is like denim, but it is actually not! That is the point of this collection.

It associates 45R with the denim. We have produced it in many kinds of textile, and the new challenge wanted to be in nylon. That was the beginning of the project.
The printed design is of course modeled on 45R denim. The distinct texture of our denim could be achieved by the ink jet printing. The soft texture that nylon originally has can be maintained by not dying but printing.
It has an insulation for this cold weather been far from over. This is the item made in JAPAN from materials such as nylon and insulation to all the actual production.

As the denim is the theme, silhouette was designed based on the vintage items. Jacket type such as a coverall, a denim jacket, and a deck jacket were deepened to more modern and beautiful in silhouette.
Outside was designed extremely simple; we were conscious of the flat look without showing stitches to avoid interrupting the denim prints.
On the other hand, there are many parts with our obsession inside. There are full of our passion to denim as R embroidery in golden brown, beige stitches inspired by denim, inside pocket, bar tacking and others.
Please pay attention to the aquaguard zipper that 45R used for the first time too.
The models are vintage, but there is elegant sporty mood that is suited on mature people. That makes us want to match with a pair of denim.

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