Saijikii t-shirts Joshi

Saijikii t-shirts are what we deliver five times a year in tribute to the five seasonal festivals. The t-shirt of Joshi, which is one of them held on March 3rd, has been the spring flowery design represented by jacquard textile.

As a matter of fact, the textile pattern and the colors are the key element of the Saijikii t-shirt this time.

'You feel exhilarated at coming spring', and we would like to express such feeling on clothes. The beginning of its design was started with much more colors on the blouse. However, it was tried creative to decrease the color numbers without losing brightness, as the number of color thread in the jacquard weaving machine was originally fixed. Also, the textile sample has been made many times while paying attention to keep its softness on weaving process, it has been finally produced.

It was the first effort for us to produce the item cooperated with the jacquard factory which is usually woven carpets and more. All threads of pattern are cut by hand. Those end threads are even beautiful, so the back side was daringly used though the face was enough bright.

The theme of the item is the spring blouse which mature people also would like to dress; the design is newly evolved from the silhouette, and it has been produced in boxy shape which can be worn simple. As matched with its design, the image of the pattern has been slightly mature too. It could be became the item that is easy to be matched with anything while keeping brightness.

Joshi festival is coming on March 3rd.
Please enjoy celebrating the arrival of spring and praying the state of perfect health.

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