It was gathered shape as the tie with technique of 'DOMYO' that is the established shop of braiding cords and the passion of 45R.

The braiding technique was imported into Japan around Asuka era. It was come with Buddhism as Buddhist object and the ornamental strings of hand scrolls at the time. However, it was transformed from such ritual items or religious things to more cultural items which shows the personal accomplishments and their taste such as the decoration of swords and an ornamental strings of tea utensils in Kamakura era.

Domyo was established in 1652. They have produced items as sword straps, decorative strings for kimono called obijime, and haori strings.
The silk they use are made in Japan, which are all hand-dyed by craftsmen.
These are of course braided by hand too. These techniques still have been remained today.

The original braiding code is to be braided straight in same width.
It was the difficult part about ties gradually changed the width to a tip of a blade.
There are only three craftsmen who can produce them even in Domyo, but yet only twenty pieces can be done per month.
The beautiful tie has been created by their technique and tradition kept for longtime, while it was added our image and thoughts.
We would very much like you to take a look at the store.

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