Hawaiian Printed T-shirts

A bit faded printed t-shirts look good on tanned skin.
This t-shirts collection is the one that we were inspired of Rein Spooner which is the company producing Hawaii's traditional aloha shirts for a long time.

By the way, do you know the story there was no rainbow many centuries ago according to legend, though we have a strong image of blue sky and rainbow in Hawaii? It is told there was only dull color left in the sky after raining. Then, dwarfs called Menehune in Kauai Island ran all over the islands to collect seven materials such as fern leaf, beautiful water of deep ocean, and a feather of red bird living in the palace, which are all needed for creating the rainbow. When they mixed those and released it by the arrow in the sky, it started raining, and the rainbow was shown. This story is filled with thoughts for people not to forget the beauty and importance of water, nature and rainbow.

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