Terms of Use
Thank you for using 45R LAUNDRY.
Our services are provided subject to these Terms of Use.
By using our services, you agree to be bound by the following terms.

1. How to use

  1. Before bringing us your clothes, please check all pockets for items. 45R LAUNDRY shall not be responsible for anything left inside the pockets.
  2. Please inform the staff in advance if your clothes contain damage such as rips, seams, or small holes. If we find such damage, we will inform you and may return your clothes prior to cleaning.
  3. Please note that resin-finished or printed fabrics showing deterioration may peel during cleaning.
    We reserve the right to refuse to clean such clothes if we think that it will lead to peeling.
    In addition, we may not be able to identify deterioration of a resin finish prior to cleaning.

2. Compensation

The guarantee period is 30 days after the scheduled delivery date. If there has been negligence on the part of the company, compensation will be provided based on the Cleaning Accident Compensation Standards for a standard business operation in the dry cleaning and laundry industry. In the case that an appraisal service of an agency specializing in textile products is used to make a responsible decision, you will be charged for the part of the cost of the appraisal fee according to the percentage of fault if the responsibility is found to be that of the user or clothing manufacturer. In the case that it is difficult to determine where the responsibility lies, because it is our aim to solve problems, our highest priority will be to deliver your clothes in a wearable condition. Clothes that have passed 30 days after the scheduled delivery date shall not subject to compensation.

【Terms of Compensation】

The range of compensation provided is based on the following terms.
  1. The purchase receipt is required to calculate the amount of compensation, which will be based on the product purchase price. If you do not have the purchase receipt, we will make an inquiry with the manufacturer or vendor based on the product production date and will determine the purchase price based on the reference price at the time.
    In case we cannot contact the manufacturer or otherwise confirm the price of the product, we will determine its value on a case-by-case basis.
  2. Compensation exceeding the market price of goods as well as compensation for increased value (keepsakes, vintage goods, rare goods, gifts, memorial goods, etc.) shall not be provided.
    For accidents due to disagreements in the subjective value of imported or vintage clothing arising from cultural differences, compensation also shall not exceed the market value.
  3. If compensation has been provided based on the Terms of Compensation, the damaged clothing will not be returned.
  4. If an accident involving entrusted goods has occurred, the amount of compensation will be calculated according to the "Cleaning Accident Compensation Standards" and the maximum amount of compensation shall be 20 times the cleaning fee.
  5. In some cases, we may make an accident compensation negotiation on your behalf
    so that the manufacturer can be held responsible for product liability (when charging liability to the manufacturer
    if the consumer has suffered damage to his/her life, body, and property due to a product defect according to the Product Liability Act).
  • ※ We shall not provide compensation for intangible damages nor solatium.
  • ※ We are exempt from responsibility for accidents or delays in delivery time due to natural disasters such as typhoons, earthquakes or snow,
    and any other forces of nature.
  • ※ If there is any doubt regarding the interpretation of these terms or matters not defined in these terms,
    45R LAUNDRY and the user will discuss it in good faith and resolve it .

【Amendment of Terms of Use】

We reserve the right to change the Terms of Use at any time without notice.