November 6, 2013 Fall festival "Yonjyugo-ya"

Dates: Friday 25 October to Sunday 27 October 2013

Venues: Badou-R Main shop and Kyoto shop

45rpm seasonal events celebrating traditional Japanese festivals.

The special garments for the fall festival, Yonjyugo-ya, or 45 nights, are made from Shetland cotton. They are available in three colors - Ai (natural indigo), off white, and Akane (or madder red) - all of which are considered traditional Japanese colors. We welcome our guests with garments that are light and warm - perfect for late fall and winter. Because of a typhoon, we were not too sure about the weather, but we ended up having not too much rain. On Sunday after the typhoon had passed we had lovely weather - perfect for the Omatsuri festival on the last weekend of October.

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