April 15, 2014 Spring festival "sa・ku・Ra"

Dates / Locations:
Badou-R main shop/Fukuoka shop: 4 - 6 April, 2014
Hiroshima shop: 18 - 20 April, 2014
Kyoto shop: 25 - 27 April, 2014

The first festival for this year is "sa・ku・Ra". Despite the weather forecast of rain, we were welcomed on the first day with a clear morning sky. The second day, 5 April, is "45 day", and the party warmed up and we welcomed more guests. We spent a relaxing and pleasant time with our guests, viewing the cherry blossoms in Badou-R courtyard. The festivals in Hiroshima and in Kyoto are planned for the coming weeks. If you are nearby, please join us with your family and friends.

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